Forrestal Consultants

BGN8G5Z6530OHDES1615Forrestal Consultants is a market-oriented strategic consultancy with worldwide coverage. We focus on helping clients to enhance their competitive positions through application of business intelligence, analysis and implementation. We develop strategic knowledge based on our extensive background and experience in assessing businesses, technology-based products, competitors and industries, as well as new opportunities for clients.

Our personnel are all seasoned consultants, many of whom have worked together since 1981. Most senior staff, in the U.S and internationally, are former Technomic executives and principals. The firm traces its history to 1966. We specialize in industrial clientele.

We attribute excellence in client assignments to the caliber of professionals assigned to the consulting program. Their expertise, educational background, language skills, and, most importantly, understanding of local business nuances and industries (markets, products, technology, suppliers and end-use customers) are critical factors for success. Forrestal Consultants’ staff is proud of its accomplishments and cognizant of the company’s history.

The firm is a New Jersey limited liability company (LLC), but we operate internationally with staff in Europe [Geneva, London, Moscow], Asia [Tokyo, Jakarta, Bangalore, Mumbai], Latin America [Sao Paulo, Mexico] and Tel Aviv. We have staff in Los Angeles and Boston. The Americas headquarters is in Princeton.

Princeton Forrestal Village
116 Village Boulevard, Suite 200
Princeton, New Jersey 08540-5799
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