We are working to create the climate and resources that will encourage entrepreneurship to thrive and will attract innovative, technology-based companies and investments to Central New Jersey.

We nurture an entrepreneurial network that embraces and supports new business ventures.

We help identify resources including investment capital as well as locating skilled workers. Through the web, events, collaboratives and workshops, we facilitate learning and communication. We feature entrepreneurial leaders and “heroes” such as Greg Olsen and John Martinson.

Michael Dell, CEO Dell Computers, Talking at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas.

"Entrepreneurism is such an important catalyst for the global economy, and it was evident listening to these business leaders tell their stories. These are all web-enabled businesses that were founded during the dot com boom and grew up in the shadow of the bust. They more than survived; they thrived. With technology as their cornerstone,

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Globalism Goes Backwards

They forgot to tell us globalization has a reverse gear. Now companies and countries need to get ready for the 'inside economy. One morning this past September, Pascal Lamy, the energetic Frenchman who heads the World Trade Organization, stood in front of a room of economists and began his annual recitation on the health of

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The Crowdfunding Crowd is Anxious

"....To its advocates, crowdfunding is a way for capital-starved entrepreneurs to receive financing that neither big investors nor lenders are willing or able to provide. To others, it represents a potential minefield that could help bad businesses get off the ground before they eventually fail, and in some cases could even ensnare unsophisticated investors in

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