Angel Investor Groups

Casabona Ventures

Casabona Ventures provides management services, strategic planning, and early stage/Angel investment capital to technology driven start-up companies, with an emphasis on the Northeast region. By partnering with dynamic executive teams, the Company works to commercialize innovative, industry-impacting technologies, driving them from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Delaware Crossing

Delaware Crossing Investor Group (DCIG) is a network of former and current executives and entrepreneurs who provide counsel and capital to early-stage and other growth-oriented companies. Our members back entrepreneurs and their companies by contributing investment capital and important domain expertise in a wide array of industries. While many of the investments presented to the group are high risk, these investments also have the potential for a high return. DCIG is confident in its strategic investment strategy and the processes utilized by the group to source and fund its portfolio companies. We are excited by the role DCIG continues to play in helping build a flourishing startup ecosystem in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Innovation Garden

Our Venture Incubator provides essential, flexible, readily deployable, and capital efficient services to our portfolio companies customizing the offering to compliment the current teams legacy skill sets and reducing the risk associated with directly hiring and training key personnel, as well as taking on an active advisory role to guide, oversee , and engage with the business. The core tactical services provided are; back office accounting and financial reporting, social media management, SEO, and UI/UX.


Jumpstart NJ Angel Network is a member-led, angel group of successful serial entrepreneurs, business executives and venture capitalists which actively invests in early-stage technology ventures in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

Mid-Atlantic Angel Group

The Mid-Atlantic Angel Group Funds I & II, LP (MAG I & II) were created to bridge the gap between angel funding and institutional venture capital funding serving the Greater Philadelphia Region. These member-managed funds provide investors with an opportunity for active involvement in diversified venture capital investments throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Maryland. The funds seek to leverage various public and private funding resources and networks by providing equity capital to seed and early-stage, technology-based, high-growth companies. Fund members include experienced entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, institutions, and other accredited investors interested in realizing a high return on invested capital in Regional technology companies and being a key part of Regional growth. Modeled after the best practices of other successful angel funds operating around the country, MAG I & II are the first formally structured angel capital venture funds in the Greater Philadelphia Region and seek to intelligently leverage Regional and statewide funding and other public and private partnership opportunities.


SoundBoard Angel Fund brings together a successful group of founding investors with the SoundBoard approach to leadership and entrepreneurship. Together the founding team has over 100 years of experience in investments and financial management alongside their individual entrepreneurial journeys. The founders’ strong financial backgrounds, experience in launching new companies, investment successes (financial exits), and diverse strategic perspectives ensure that SoundBoard Angel Fund will see the invested companies to great success and realize better than average returns.

Angel Groups Finding Syndication Can Give Them Big Impact

Tom Sullivan knew TrustEgg was going to be big the first time he heard the pitch. It was a startup and therefore untested, but it had the potential to upend the way families provide for their children. The idea was this: Create a website that would allow parents to collect money from friends and family

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Crowdfunding Success Can Help Kickstart Interest from VC Firms

The nights are the worst for any new parent, but Arturas Vaitaitis doesn't dwell on the sleeplessness. For him, a soundly sleeping baby was bittersweet. "I had anxiety issues. I couldn't sleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night and go up to my son and see if he's fine," said Vaitaitis,

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The Benefits of an SBA Loan

Looking for money? Consider an SBA Loan. You get: Longer repayment terms -- SBA loan terms are typically for significantly longer terms than conventional commercial loans or leasing programs. Resulting benefits to borrowers are: Reduced monthly loan payments and increased cash flow. Capital is freed up for other business uses and can be reinvested in the business.

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