What do Taylor ham, Einstein & the light bulb have in common? Answer: Central New Jersey

By Andrew Zwicker at NJ.com The great Taylor Ham vs. Pork Roll debate may never be settled, but did you know that Taylor Ham was created in Trenton in 1856? Or that Albert Einstein left Nazi Germany in 1933 to live in Princeton and continue his research? Or that the lightbulb was patented by Thomas

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Einstein’s Alley Featured in New Jersey Business Magazine

A Central Jersey-based economic development initiative is helping local businesses thrive in a post-pandemic economy. BY JENNIFER LESSER, NJ BUSINESS MAGAZINE CONTRIBUTING WRITER, NOV 5, 2021 As New Jersey’s economy continues to recover from COVID-19’s impact, Central Jersey’s Einstein’s Alley, a private non-profit economic development initiative designed to foster economic growth, is helping companies prepare

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AI and Robotics Will Disrupt Future Jobs, but How to Prepare is Still a Question

From New Jersey Tech Weekly By: Esther Surden May 24, 2017  At the Einstein Alley "Future of Work" symposium on April 25, the speakers attempted to predict the future, though they admitted that they weren't very good at it. What experts do know, they agreed, is that robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will disrupt jobs - and very

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Adapting to the Future of Work

from The Wall Street Journal By: Stephen Redwood and Mark Holmstrom, principals, Deloitte Consulting LLP; and Zach Vetter, managing director, Deloitte LLP May 10, 2017   CIOs can take a proactive approach to preparing the workforce for the tremendous technology-enabled changes required to compete in the years ahead. Digital technology is having a profound effect

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