Leading Your Workforce In Uncertain Times
Talent Deployment in a Tour of Duty World

Professor Rita Gunther McGrath
Professor of Management – Columbia Business School

Rita Gunther McGrath is an American strategic management scholar and professor of management at the Columbia Business School.

Rita Gunther McGrath is an American strategic management scholar and professor of management at Columbia Business School. She is known for her work on strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, including the development of discovery-driven planning.

Monday, June 4, 2018 at Miele


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Leading Your Workforce in Uncertain Times – Talent Deployment in a Tour of Duty World

As competitive advantages last for shorter and shorter periods of time, and the pace of change accelerates, we are now in what Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn has called a ‘tour of duty’ talent environment. Talented employees are increasingly demanding to continuously learn, build their skills and increase their value, rather than focusing on moving up a corporate career ladder. This shift calls for radically different assumptions about how you manage talent, how you motivate and incent people and how you even think about ‘human resources.’ McGrath will draw upon her research into the new strategy playbook to offer a window in how assumptions about workforce deployment and talent management are changing and what leaders need to be doing today.

Rita Gunther McGrath – Columbia Business School Professor of Management
Rita McGrath is a globally recognized thought leader who focuses on leading innovation and growth during times of uncertainty.  She works with Boards, CEOs and senior executives to think strategically, even in today’s rapidly changing and volatile environments.  She received the #1 achievement award in strategy from the prestigious management rankings group Thinkers50 and is consistently ranked in the Top10.  Her most recent book was the best-selling The End of Competitive Advantage. She has written 3 other books, including Discovery Driven Growth, cited by Clayton Christensen as one of the most important management ideas ever developed.  She is a regular speaker in exclusive events such as the Drucker Forum and various CEO Summits.  She is working on a new book about strategic inflection points.
Follow Rita on Twitter: @rgmcgrath. For more information, visit RitaMcGrath.com.