An editorial in today’s Trenton Times (November 6, 2013) indicates that the economic and social impact of immigration cannot go unnoticed. They quoted a recent report by the independent, non-partisan Center for American Progress. That report “anticipates an economic boost of $832 billion-$50 billion in New Jersey alone-over the next 10 years in terms of jobs, earnings, and taxes if the Senate immigration bill were enacted.”

That is just one piece of the story.

Einstein’s Alley has been supporting the cause of Immigration Reform for years because we know how important immigrant talent is to the development of the technology ecosystem and the economy in New Jersey.

We held a conference with the Partnership for a New American Economy at the Institute for Advanced Study in June of 2012 featuring experts from the Brookings Institution and local academic and technology leaders. They made the case for sensible reform especially for high skilled immigrants coming to the US for advanced educations and for professionals who bring special talents and are candidates for H1B visas.

Led by our Immigration Task Force, we have participated in panels, teleconferences, press conferences and just a week ago were in Washington talking to the New Jersey Congressional delegation about their support for Immigration Reform. We will continue to encourage passage of Immigration Reform in this Congress.
We are also very proud of our participation in the development of the 1st Annual New Jersey Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards. The awards, including the Albert Einstein Award for Innovation sponsored by Einstein’s Alley, will be presented on November 20, 2013 at 6:00PM at the Mansion at Fairleigh Dickinson University. To register:

Nominees for the awards hail from 4 continents and 15 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Britain, China, Columbia, Ecuador, France, India, Liberia, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Senegal, South Korea, and Venezuela. They represent small mom and pop businesses as well as large corporations; ranging from high-tech firms to human service providers, from manufacturing operations to financial institutions. Combined, the nominees employ 9000 people, and gross $2.27 billion in sales.
The nominees for the 2013 NJ Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards are:
Alexandra Diaz, Owner of Niña Bonilla Lavanderia, from Ecuador
Foulis M Peacock, Founder and CEO off, from Great Britain
Maria Lemanski, Owner of Golden Eagle Delicatessen, from Poland
Nilam parikh, Owner of 20/20vision, from India
Ileana Nieto, President of Quibus Paws, from Venezuela
Marcela Zuchovicki, President & CEO of Jalima & Associates, from Argentina
Geetha Jayaraman, Owner of Grab em Snacks and Spoon & Sprout Café, from Malaysia
Mordechai Rozanski, President of Rider University, from Poland
Barry Zhang, President of Princetel, Inc, from China
Babu Cherukuri, President of BANC3, from India
Shirley Perlinsky, President of S&G Cleaning Services, from Brazil
Jay Kulkarni, CEO & Founder of Theorem, from India
Claude Blanc, President of CHB Associates, LLC from France
Koduvayur P. Subbalakshmi, Founder and Chief Scientist of Dynamic Spectrum LLC, from India
Rita Gurevich, President and Founder of SPHERE Technology Solutions, from Russia
Adenah Bayoh, Owner of Irvington International House of Pancakes, from Liberia
Sankalp Trivedi, Owner of Mausam, from India
John T Lau, President of Appliedinfo Partners, Inc., from China
Kurus Elavia, CEO of Gateway Group One, from India
Samia Bahsoun, President and CEO of S2 Associates International, from Senegal
Louis Rodriguez, President/Owner of Independent Power Systems Consulting, from Colombia
Shau-wai Lam, Chairman and CEO of DCH Auto Group, from China
Yongkeun and Sunny Joh, President and Vice President of Advanced Food Systems, from South Korea
Suresh U. Kumar, Founder and CEO of NexAge Technologies USA Inc. and Green Earth LLC, from India
Mitrajit Mukherjee, President and Founder of Exelus, from India
Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union, Polish & Slavic FCU

The Awards program was created to recognize and honor the past and present contributions of immigrant business owners in the State of New Jersey by a broad based coalition of New Jersey business and trade organizations including the Greater Monmouth County Chamber, The Statewide Hispanic Chamber, The Statewide Asian Indian Chamber, the MID Jersey Chamber, The New Jersey Chinese American Chamber, The Morris County Chamber, The New Jersey Main Street Alliance, The American Jewish Committee, The New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association, Morris County Hispanic-American Chamber, Unified Hispanic Chambers of New Jersey, the Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship along with Einstein’s Alley.

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