SheTek Virtual Conference Session 1 Panel: Continued Learning for Tech Careers and Beyond

Explore the development, mentorship, and more with SheTek! At the SheTek Virtual Conference Session 1, “Continued Learning for Tech Careers and Beyond,” our extraordinary panel joined us for a deep-dive conversation into the value of learning, development, and mentorship to a tech career.

Our panel on learning and education is moderated by Judith Sheft, Executive Director at the NJ Commission on Science, Innovation, and Technology. Joining Judith for this panel is Gale Tenen Spak, Ph.D., President of Build Their Future, LLC, and retired Associate Vice President of Continued and Distance Learning at NJIT, and Katherine Kish, Executive Director at Einstein’s Alley. SheTek’s mission is to increase the number of women in the tech staffing pipeline. Join our community discussions at