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August 2020

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8th Annual Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards

Nominations Open

Do you know someone, a colleague, family member, neighbor, or friend, who you think has what it takes to be named an award winner for innovation, growth or advocacy for the 2020 Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year?
This year, we will be honoring immigrants for their achievements in growth, advocacy, and innovation, and we will name the 2020 Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year. New for this year, we have added a non-profit leader category.
Nominations are open now through September 12, 2020
Einstein’s Alley, a partner in the NJ Business Immigration Coalition, is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the 8th Annual New Jersey Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards. The Awards will be presented in October at a virtual event. This year’s Award event hosting partner is the New Jersey Business and Industry Association NJBIA.
In New Jersey, foreign-born individuals like our 2019 winner Wei Wang, President and Founder, UrbanTech Consulting Engineering and the 2018 winner Kamal Bathla of Maestro Technologies and the 2014 winner Mario Casabona CEO of Tech Launch have created more than one in three new businesses in recent years, ranking New Jersey 4th behind only California, New York, and Florida. NJ companies started by immigrants generate an annual business income of $6.2 billion in New Jersey.
The New Jersey Business Immigration Coalition is committed to bipartisan and common sense immigration reform, includes state-wide, regional and bi-national chambers of commerce, and other companies and organizations joining to celebrate the important role of immigrants in today’s economy and to honor the contributions of immigrant business leaders to their communities.
We believe that rather than send qualified foreign-born advance-degree graduates of U.S. colleges and universities back home to compete against U.S. businesses, Congress should encourage these individuals to stay in the United States by offering them permanent resident status. We can further buttress our competitive edge, by expanding the H-1B visa program, which makes available to U.S. businesses some of the world’s most highly-trained professionals in fields across the business sector. What’s more, a significant portion of H-1B filing fees fund education and training programs to enhance the skills of U.S. workers, particularly in the technology fields.
2020 Virtual Albert Einstein Memorial Lecture
2020 Virtual Albert Einstein Memorial Lecture
Monday, August 10 – 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
James Peebles
Albert Einstein Professor of Science
Princeton University
The Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber and The Institute for Advanced Study are pleased to announce the 2020 speaker is James Peebles, awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics.
This Nobel Laureate speaker series is the only one of its kind to memorialize one of the best-known residents of Princeton and to commemorate his contributions to science and scholarship. While we will miss gathering in person, we are excited to deliver the same quality lecture and Q&A session directly to your home or office. We hope you will join us as we come together for this informative and not to be missed Nobel Laureate presentation
Jim Peebles is the Albert Einstein Professor of Science, Emeritus, and professor of physics, emeritus. He completed his Ph.D. in physics at Princeton in 1962 and spent his entire career at the University, with his research and publications continuing long after his retirement in 2000.
Click here to register.
Survey: CEOs See Less Globalization – More Flexible Workforces
According to a new global survey, CEOs and C-Suite executives think COVID-19’s fallout will result in leaner and more agile companies. Businesses will likely emerge from this pandemic using more contract workers and fewer permanent staff, and business travel will be reduced in favor of more videoconferencing.
The Conference Board surveyed more than 1,300 CEOs and C-Suite executives about COVID-19’s long-term impacts. They see a return to pre-pandemic revenue levels at least a year or more away. More than 40% predict a U-shaped recovery, with more sustainable growth resuming by Q4 2020. About a third expect an L-shaped recovery, with sustained growth resuming only in late 2021.
Executives also say this crisis will compel them to accelerate their digital transformation plans and rethink their business models. Also, they do not see an increased urgency around the long-term restructuring of supply chains, reflecting a degree of confidence in their ability to manage emerging risks. Nor do most of them think cities will lose their staying power.
New Jersey Business Magazine | July 30, 2020
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U.S. Dept. of Energy Office of Science & Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
In Conversation with Dr. Chris Fall on Science and the Community
The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science and Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory cordially invite you to A Conversation with Dr. Chris Fall on Science and the Community on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 11:30 AM Eastern.
As you may know, the Department of Energy’s Office of Science is the nation’s largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences, the steward of 10 of the Department’s 17 national laboratories, including Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and the lead federal agency supporting fundamental research for energy production and security. Office of Science-supported researchers probe the frontiers of physics, chemistry, materials science, and systems biology, unraveling mysteries ranging from neutrinos and dark energy to the behavior of matter at the nanoscale. This research has yielded over 100 Nobel prizes during the past six decades, including more than 20 Laureates in the past 10 years.
Dr. Chris Fall was confirmed as Director of the Office of Science in May of 2019. In his role as Director, he seeks to expand the engagement of the Office of Science with elected officials as well as the community and business leaders who’s partnership is so important to our joint success. Director Fall will be joined on the call by Sir Steven Cowley, Director of Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, to discuss the future of the National Labs and the critical role of the Princeton community in shaping that future.
Please complete the form below to RSVP and submit any questions and/or topics of interest that you would like Director Fall or Director Cowley to address.
We ask that you please RSVP and submit questions no later than Friday, July 31st.
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