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Nominations Are Open for 
9th Annual Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards
Einstein’s Alley, a partner in the NJ Business Immigration Coalition, is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the 9th Annual New Jersey Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards which will be presented at an October, 2021 event.
In New Jersey, foreign-born individuals like our 2020 Winner Dr. Ali Houshmand, President of Rowan University and salsa maker extraordinaire, or 2019 winner Wei Wang, President and Founder, UrbanTech Consulting Engineering and the 2018 winner Kamal Bathla of Maestro Technologies have created more than one in three new businesses in recent years, ranking New Jersey 4th behind only California, New York, and Florida. NJ companies started by immigrants generate an annual business income of billions in New Jersey.
The New Jersey Business Immigration Coalition, committed to bipartisan and common sense immigration reform, includes state-wide, regional and bi-national chambers of commerce, and other companies and organizations joining to celebrate the important role of immigrants in today’s economy and to honor the contributions of immigrant business leaders to their communities.
We believe that rather than send qualified foreign-born advance-degree graduates of U.S. colleges and universities back home to compete against U.S. businesses, Congress should encourage these individuals to stay in the United States by offering them permanent resident status. We can further buttress our competitive edge, by expanding the H-1B visa program, which makes available to U.S. businesses some of the world’s most highly-trained professionals in fields across the business sector. What’s more, a significant portion of H-1B filing fees fund education and training programs to enhance the skills of U.S. workers, particularly in the technology fields.
This year, we will be honoring immigrants for their achievements in growth, advocacy, and innovation, and we will name the 2021 Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year. Do you know someone, a colleague, family member, neighbor, or friend, who you think has what it takes to be named an award winner ?
Nominations are open now through September 1, 2021. The Awards will be presented at an October event.
Click here to submit a Nomination so they can join last year’s awardees below.
With a mandate to “be bold,” Princeton’s Dean for Research
Innovation Funds spark scholarship, educational opportunities
and further investments in research
Stepping into the role of Princeton’s dean for research in 2013, Pablo Debenedetti knew he wanted grow the University’s capacity to explore new frontiers of knowledge as well as its ability to impact technological progress and societal well-being.
In the highly competitive world of grant funding, monetary support for exploratory research is scarce. Debenedetti envisioned a fund that would identify and promote investigations in the sciences and humanities while fostering the sort of collaborations that spark new directions when people come together across disciplinary lines.
Catherine Zandonella, Office of the Dean for Research

Upcoming Events

Global Business Summit: Global to Local
Thursday, July 15, 2021 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EST
Opening Keynote: Sam Ruda
Director of the Port Department at the Port Authority of NY
Resource Speaker: Sara Cadeddu
Office of Int’l Trade and Development – NJEDA
At this year’s virtual Global Business Summit, our expert speakers will share what’s happening – Global to Local. They will address the impacts of global supply chain on local businesses and tell us what we can anticipate as the economy recovers. You will learn about trends in foreign investment in New Jersey and potential opportunities for growth. You will come away with unique insights into the future of business and the impact global trade has on our local business landscape.
Whether we realize it or not, we’re all seeing the effects of changes in our global supply chain. Have you noticed a lack of inventory on the shelves of your favorite retailer? Increased prices at the pump? Or a rise in your monthly grocery bill? If so, you’re seeing firsthand how global trends impact local business. The Port of New York and New Jersey is a critical part of the global supply chain. Join us to hear the Director of the Port’s thoughts on what’s happening right now, what lies ahead, and how it will impact your business.
A Partnership Event with Middlesex County Regional Chamber
Mercer County was one of 19 communities around the United States selected to participate in the competitive “Gateways for Growth” research program of New American Economy and Welcoming America.
According to Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes “Immigrants play a critical role in our regional economy.” He further said, …” Mercer County foreign-born residents have injected a staggering $11.5 billion in total GDP to our Mercer County economy in 2019, and their positive impact on our region’s economic vitality cannot be overstated.” This program will present information on the economic, social, and cultural impact of immigration on local communities.
Join us as the staff of New American Economy discuss their findings and local community leaders share their reactions.
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