Einstein’s Alley is a private, non-profit economic development initiative located in Central New Jersey. Its mission is to foster economic growth through advocacy and delivery of services that will:

  • Help build an entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Help promote central NJ’s R&D advantage to attract innovative research based companies and retain existing businesses
  • Encourage the growth of knowledge based jobs and services and support workforce for the future
  • Help promote livable communities and sustainable development

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Einstein’s Alley …

…Provides a collaborative  overlay that helps focus the efforts of existing government, academic and private organizations on establishing the region as a magnet for entrepreneurial activity and as a globally recognized economic powerhouse.

Einstein’s Alley…

…Helps foster collaboration between academic, business and government entities.

…Helps entrepreneurs and established companies seeking a new location to become aware of the extensive resources available in Central New Jersey.

…Advocates on behalf of the area’s business, educational, citizen and labor communities with government institutions, policy makers and those who influence policy.

..Publicizes the business friendliness of Central New Jersey municipalities, including the placement of road signs indicating their membership in the Einstein’s Alley initiative.

Einstein’s Alley is run by:

Einstein’s Alley has a board of leading business people, several who are CEOs of area high-tech companies, educators and educational institution professionals, successful entrepreneurs and other business-related professionals.

The executive director of Einstein’s Alley is Katherine Kish, president of Market Entry, Inc.

What does Einstein’s Alley actually do?

  1. Overall, Einstein’s Alley provides information and counsel and facilitates communication in order to help focus the efforts of existing organizations to establish the region as a magnet for entrepreneurial activity and as a globally recognized economic powerhouse.
  2. Einstein’s Alley is an advisor to industry and government. Because of our concentration on the “big picture” and access to information, Einstein’s Alley is in a unique position to detect opportunities for growth in Central New Jersey, and provide organizations, educational institutions and government bodies with information.
  3. Einstein’s Alley facilitates communication and collaboration.  One example is our planned spotlight events. Einstein’s Alley assists companies, educational institutions and governmental departments to arrange events – the prime purpose of which is to highlight activities and programs and to enable various entities in our area meet face-to-face. Such events make doing business in our area easier, facilitate partnerships and enable organizations and government to collaborate more easily in enhancing our business environment and attracting new high-tech businesses to our area. Einstein’s Alley also provides a master calendar of events – making it a one-stop reference for entrepreneurs, established companies, educators and government officials to select attendance at events that most completely answer their needs. Another example is the Einstein’s Alley Resource Directory, a way for businesses, educational institutions and government departments to “see and be seen” in Central New Jersey.
  4. Einstein’s Alley is an information provider. We help our supporting organizations and others gain quick, easy and useful access to business, education and community information about Central New Jersey’s high-tech corridor. This information makes it easier for high-tech businesses to function in our area, communicate with state and local government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and – working together with other organizations, NGOs and government — help attract new high-tech businesses to our area.Einstein’s Alley provides a directory of Featured Resources that includes federal, state and country government connections, a listing of other associations that are relevant to companies and/or employees thinking of working in Central New Jersey, and the chambers of commerce relevant to the region.
  5. Einstein’s Alley is a sounding board. Einstein’s Alley’s administration and supporting organizations work together to provide information-based advice on matters concerning the relationship of companies and potential companies to our business environment, including educational institutions and government.
  6. The Einstein’s Alley Web site fosters communication between businesses and employees by allowing employers to post vacancies and employees to post their resumes – and also providing links to the career centers of educational institutions, including:
    • NJTC Career Center
    • NJIT Career Development Services
    • Career Services at Princeton University
    • Stevens Institute of Technology Office of Career Development
    • Rutgers Career Services
    • Jobs4Jersey
  7. Einstein’s Alley provides information to veterans and information to businesses concerning its relationship to the veterans’ community, including opportunities for hiring and education. For example, Einstein’s Alley’s Vet Career Connect program connects New Jersey National Guard soldiers with Einstein’s Alley employers.

How did Einstein’s Alley come about?

Einstein’s Alley’s roots are in a regional economic initiative for Central New Jersey led by Congressman Rush Holt. For years there had been efforts in this direction but it was not until Congressman Holt dubbed the program Einstein’s Alley in 2003 and met with members of the research and development, business, labor, and education communities that it began to gain momentum. Later an independent organization was created as a non-profit economic development  501C4.